My failed curly to straight natural hair story.

It all started with YouTube, when I was constantly watching videos of natural hair influencer’s straightening their hair and it looking so silky and shinning. So I thought to myself, “okay I can do this, it looks simple enough”, but I was lying to myself. This is how it all started.

I started with my everyday wash day routine, where I do a warm oil treatment and afterwards I follow with a good shampoo and deep conditioner. I knew at the end, my hair should not have any product left because my blowout and straightening process would be ruined if there was. I kept that in mind the whole time because I wanted silky and shiny hair.

Before I began my blowout, I knew I had to put on a heat protection serum, so I started to think. I thought of buying a serum or I could just use grape seed oil because it’s a good heat protection oil, but I decided to buy a serum. The serum I went with was one I bought at a good drugstore called Clicks and it was the drugstores brand serum. Honestly the serum had nothing to do with how my hair turned out at the end, it had more to do with how I used it.

So I began applying the serum on my damp hair and since I was trying to remember everything I learned from those YouTube hair influencer’s, was that I should not apply too much of it on my hair. The problem is I think I applied too little product on my hair and by the end of straightening my hair, my hair was so dry and brittle. It got pretty straight but it did not have that shine I wanted and it was shedding a little.

I did keep it straight for a week but I would apply grape seed oil every day and it did stop the shedding and gave my hair a bit of a sheen look. All and all, grape seed oil saved my hair.

What I’ve learned from this is that, when they say apply little product to your hair, it doesn’t mean apply almost nothing to your hair. The next time I straighten my hair, I know now that I should also purchase an anti-frizz spray so my hair can get even straighter. We live and we learn and I do not plan on straightening my hair anytime soon.

What crazy stories do you have about your hair, comment down below so we can all laugh about it together. Also do not forget to leave a like. Until next time!

3 thoughts on “My failed curly to straight natural hair story.

  1. Hey,

    It does take a little practice and it’s a bit of a learning process. I only now have got it right but it doesn’t always turn out the same. 😩😆


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