My hair journey in 2018

When the year 2018 started, I wanted to put more effort into my hair, actually pay attention to it and see how far we get. Well twelve months later and honestly, I have learned so much about my hair and what it needs.

This is where I started my hair journey

At the beginning when I was still transitioning, I had to really figure out my hair because I was experimenting with a lot of products. I had shampoos and conditioners that made my hair feel dry and did absolutely nothing for my hair but luckily using olive oil would save my hair. My hair would be in its worse state when I would have a protective style because at the beginning, I did not know that it is important to still keep your hair moisturised while in braids. I just left it in its protective style for weeks and once I took it out, my hair was hard and brittle and I think if it was not for that, I would be further along in my hair journey.

My hair before I transitioned.

The other problem that slowed down my transitioning phase is that I was not consistent with my washes and I would try too many things at once. Every little trick I would see on YouTube and Instagram, I would want to try it out. That is why it is so important for beginners to stick to one routine and see how it works for your hair before moving to the next one.

My hair today, no more heat damage.

The biggest pro from my hair journey in 2018 was that I transitioned to being a natural sister. The fact that I started is the biggest achievement for me because I was worried that it would take too much time and natural hair products are expensive. I did not think I would make it through but here I am a year later.

I am looking forward to my hair journey in 2019 and all the fun new things I will learn about my hair. The hardest part is always starting but before you know it, it’s part of your lifestyle.

My failed curly to straight natural hair story.

It all started with YouTube, when I was constantly watching videos of natural hair influencer’s straightening their hair and it looking so silky and shinning. So I thought to myself, “okay I can do this, it looks simple enough”, but I was lying to myself. This is how it all started.

I started with my everyday wash day routine, where I do a warm oil treatment and afterwards I follow with a good shampoo and deep conditioner. I knew at the end, my hair should not have any product left because my blowout and straightening process would be ruined if there was. I kept that in mind the whole time because I wanted silky and shiny hair.

Before I began my blowout, I knew I had to put on a heat protection serum, so I started to think. I thought of buying a serum or I could just use grape seed oil because it’s a good heat protection oil, but I decided to buy a serum. The serum I went with was one I bought at a good drugstore called Clicks and it was the drugstores brand serum. Honestly the serum had nothing to do with how my hair turned out at the end, it had more to do with how I used it.

So I began applying the serum on my damp hair and since I was trying to remember everything I learned from those YouTube hair influencer’s, was that I should not apply too much of it on my hair. The problem is I think I applied too little product on my hair and by the end of straightening my hair, my hair was so dry and brittle. It got pretty straight but it did not have that shine I wanted and it was shedding a little.

I did keep it straight for a week but I would apply grape seed oil every day and it did stop the shedding and gave my hair a bit of a sheen look. All and all, grape seed oil saved my hair.

What I’ve learned from this is that, when they say apply little product to your hair, it doesn’t mean apply almost nothing to your hair. The next time I straighten my hair, I know now that I should also purchase an anti-frizz spray so my hair can get even straighter. We live and we learn and I do not plan on straightening my hair anytime soon.

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#Naturalhair #ricewater

Rice water has become one of the most popular ways to grow your hair and a number of people have hopped on this trend. I’ve seen positive results on the internet and some people simply said it did nothing for them so this made me curious. I love trying out new things and this rice water trick, I was definitely interested, I mean what could rice water possibly do for my hair?

I watched numerous videos about how to make this ‘rice water’ and the easiest method was to take rice, pour it into a cup on water, drain the water from the rice, keep the drained water in a clear container and leave it to ferment for 48 hours, not to complicated right.

I applied the rice water on my hair before I shampoo or condition and left it on for 30-45 minutes before I rinse it out. I continued with my normal wash routine and afterwards it was the moment of truth.

Immediately I saw that my hair had more elasticity to it and it did not do anything weird to my hair. After a few days after using rice water , as crazy as it is, I did notice a bit of growth and my hair looked a bit fuller then usual.

Get your hair as long as Rapunzel’s

Although I did not regularly use this method because I’m not consistent with my washes but if I did, I know for a fact that my hair would be much fuller then it is right now. Because we have different textured hair, I think that everyone’s experience with rice water would be different but I honestly say that if you’re looking for a fast way to fix hair thinning, I would suggest you try rice water.

Remember to always have fun and your hair solutions could be in your kitchen.


#naturalhair #naturalhaircare #washdayroutine

Wash days are my favourite because I love a clean head. It also gives me the opportunity to try something new whether it’s a new product, comb, detangling technique or different oil, I have the best time washing my hair. I have a wash day routine that works best for me and my hair and if you are struggling with your own, I hope mines can motivate you to keep on trying to figure out what your hair loves best.


Pre-poo or a hair mask is something I do often and it helps my hair from breakage and keeps it looking shinny. It is not always important for you to use a hair mask every time you wash your hair but I would advise you to do it once a month. I do a lot of protective styling, so I have learned the best way to prepare my hair for protective styling is to prepoo and trust me, it promotes hair growth.

My current favourite pre-poo or hair mask is egg and olive oil which I keep on my hair for 30-45 minutes and cover with a plastic and towel, it is doing wonders for my hair but there are a lot of other ingredients you can try, or you can just buy a hair mask from your favourite brand.

Before I pre-poo I always wet my hair because the mask applies better when my hair is wet but it’s my preference. Pre-poo is always the first step to my wash day routine.


The next step would be to shampoo and apply a deep conditioner to my routine. I use a smoothing shampoo on my hair and I usually shampoo my hair twice. I only do it once if my hair isn’t that dirty. After I’m done shampooing my hair I reach for a deep conditioner always. I love to apply avocado oil to my deep conditioner just to add that extra slip and it makes detangling my hair even easier.

NativeChild deep conditioner and moisturizing shampoo, my current favourites.

Most people prefer to detangle while there is shampoo on their hair but I definitely prefer to detangle with deep conditioner. I rinse my hair with cool water after having the deep conditioner on for 15-20 minutes, ready for the next step.


The final step to my wash day routine has to do with locking in moisture and ensure that my scalp is healthy. I section my hair into four parts so that it is easier to work with. I go section by section and apply castor oil to my scalp and olive oil to repair split ends.

The next thing I apply is shea butter to my hair and I apply a generous amount because some days I’m too lazy to do anything to my hair so at least the shea butter keeps it moisturised. When I’m done doing all of this I either braid my hair or make twists, and that is it. I’m done for the day.

I keep my wash day routine very simple and quick because my hair does not need all these other unnecessary steps and it gets my hair where I want it to be. Make sure that you understand what your hair wants and what your hair needs and focus solely on those steps


Moisture is needed for anything to grow, the soil needs moisture in order for plants to grow and your hair needs moisture to also grow. There are so many effective ways to retain hair moisture but today I want to discuss five easy ones to get you started. These are simple changes that you can incorporate into your daily life without the hassle.


This is probably the simplest way to retain hair moisture. Instead of your average cotton pillowcase or head scarf, silk does not drain the moisture in your hair and it protects it from breakage or damage.


Just like plants, your hair needs water to grow and by spraying your hair with water often, it will remain moisturised and promote growth. Even using products that are water based is good for you hair and they will not dry your hair out.


Ever since I’ve stopped using hair dye and relaxer, I realised that my hair feels and looks healthier and smooth. It would get brittle and break off after some time after using harsh chemicals, but now even if I ‘neglect’ it for a couple of days, it still keeps its shape and moisture. Check for hair products that have sulphate and paraben because those chemicals drain all the moisture in your hair.


Deep conditioning is a game changer for your hair. No other washing process helps keep your hair moisturised like deep conditioning. Deep conditioner helps repair your hair and acts as a protective layer to your hair before adding any other products (well at least that is how I see it). If you’ve never tried deep conditioner, don’t waste another second, TRY IT.


As I have mentioned in previous posts, raw oils are good for your hair and are equally as good to retain hair moisture. I think you need at least one oil that you use on your hair, and the good thing about oils is that they also promote rapid hair growth. Find the oil that best suits your hair type.

Moisture is the key to hair growth and protects it from breakage. Keep your hair moisturised and before you know it, you will be hair goals!

CHALLENGES OF GOING NATURAL: what they didn’t tell you


When you first learn about going natural, after watching the million YouTube videos and tutorials, you are convinced it’s not too complicated. You learn about all the different hair types and it is exciting to know that there are people and brands that cater to your hair type specifically, but there are some challenges along the journey.
The first challenge is detangling. When I started out this journey, I had no idea what it meant to detangle my hair and even though I spend hours watching YouTube videos on this topic, my hair would break like crazy because I had no idea what I was doing.
I had no idea that you can detangle when your hair is wet, I always thought it breaks more when it is wet. I made the mistake of detangling my hair when it was dry and brittle and I think this is the reason my journey had a slow start. My advice to anyone who needs an effective way to detangle, detangle your hair when you deep condition or wet your hair a little before you detangle. Always remember to start at the bottom and work your way up to your roots when you detangle.

The other challenge was styling my hair every day, but that’s where protective styling comes in. Protective styling helps grow your hair and you do not have to worry about styling your hair every day. If you know you do not have enough time in the morning to style you hair, then I would advise you to invest in a good wig and whenever you feel like wearing you hair out, all you have to do is take off the wig.
The other challenge and probably the biggest one is the amount of product that your natural hair needs to stay strong and healthy. Whether we like to admit it or not, natural hair is a lot of maintenance and this is why you need to make it a habit or hobby for yourself so you don’t see it as “work”.
The key is to invest into good affordable brands that work best on your hair type. Some good brands for natural hair is, Ecoessential, Dark ‘n Lovely, Shea Moisture and etc, there are so many to choose from. Each month buy something new for your hair and soon you’ll have a whole collection.

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I mentioned on my last post that hair masks are the Holy Grail to this hair transformation journey, but what most people don’t know is that when people talk about pre-poo, it also refers to hair masks. There are brands out there in the market that have great pre-poo products but you can create your own that is beneficial for your hair.

What I love about pre-poo, which means pre-shampoo, is you get to really clean your scalp before you get to the shampoo. It also helps repair damaged and dry hair in order to restore your hairs moisture. Ingredients like egg, avocado, mayonnaise, bananas and essential oils are all good and beneficial ingredients for your hair.

The other great way to pre-poo and personally my favourite is the warm oil treatment. You could focus on a single oil or mixed a couple of oils and heat it up and directly use it on your scalp. Remember not to heat the oils up too much, warm it up enough that it won’t burn your head. This method really helps me to keep my hair moisturised and it promotes hair growth.

I won’t lie, in the beginning, my scalp would always itch after doing a pre-poo, but then I later learned that it’s because my hair follicles’ were at work and there was better blood circulation on my head, which means more hair growth.

You don’t have to pre-poo every time you wash your hair but I would suggest you at least pre-poo once a month. It is honestly up to you and remember to trust the process.

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